Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Why change is resisted

More from "change management in a week."

There is lack of communication so that people do no
  • understand what the change is
  • understand what the change means
  • understand why the change is necessary
  • understand the urgency
  • understand how it fits into the bigger picture

lack of will to change so that people do not

  • want to change, they are comfortable with how things are
  • believe change will deliver the results

Lack of acceptance of the change process because people

  • do not like the way the change is being handled
  • are not involved in the decision
  • are not consulted
  • do not like being told what to do
  • thing they are being treated unfairly
  • thing others are being treated unfairly

Lack of incentive because

  • people do not see any personal advantage from the change
  • people do not see improvements in their working terms or conditions

Perception that the new way will be worse because

  • the job will become less interesting
  • will have less autonomy or flexibility
  • reduce social interaction
  • break up existing team

Threats of change

  • reducing power
  • undermining position and status
  • undermine personal development
  • damage routes for promotion

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