Monday, February 18, 2008

Process Safety Leading and Lagging Metrics

Published by Center for Chemical Process Safety December 2007.
Available at AIChemE website

Seems to provide a good insight into the types of indicators companies can use.

Andy Brazier

Friday, February 15, 2008

Tube driver in strain injury claim

Ariticle in the Scotsman on 14 February 2008.

Latona Allison, a train driver on the London underground, developed tenosynovitis in her right-hand wrist because she was not given adequate training in the use of the "dead man's handle" safety brake.

Although the claim was initially dismissed, it was upheld in the court of appeal hearing on 13 February. It came about because the design of the deadmans handle was changed, but no assessment was made or any training given to drivers on how to use it safely.

Lord Justice Smith said in a judgment that London Underground should not have introduced a new design for the safety device without taking advice from an expert. Had it done so, it would have identified the need for the drivers to be trained in the way in which they held the handle in order to minimise the risk of strain injury." Because no advice was taken, the company was in breach of health and safety laws as the training was not adequate.

I believe this could have wide implications. We seem to be particularly bad a managing change in the workplace, and this gives a great example of what can go wrong as a result.

Andy Brazier