Monday, March 14, 2011

Wales earned rub of the green

This is South Wales 14 March 2011

Referring to the Six Nations rugby match between Wales and Ireland played in Cardiff on 12 March.

Wales were awarded a try following a quick throw in that used a ball different to the one that went out of play.

"A quick throw in is not permitted if another person has touched the ball apart from the player throwing it in and an opponent who carried it into touch."

Referee Jonathan Kaplan consulted Allan before awarding the score, asking him: "Was it the correct ball?"

Allan replied in the affirmative, despite the fresh ball having been thrown to Rees by a ball-boy, meaning there were not one but two breaches of the IRB's rule.

There are bound to be questions asked about how an official on the international circuit can make such a blunder.

The more charitable will accept it as human error.

But some will want to see Allan punished, perhaps confined to Scottish domestic rugby for ever and a day — Hawick v Melrose, anyone?

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