Thursday, March 03, 2011

July 7/7 - Management jargon

Interesting comments made by Lady Justice Hallett (the coroner), reported on the BBC website.

"A succession of senior figures from across the capital's emergency services have appeared before Lady Justice Hallett - but on the final day of the inquests, she told them to use plain English, rather than refer to things like the "Conference Demountable Unit from the Management Resource Unit".

"Management jargon is taking over organisations," said Lady Justice Hallett. "When it comes to something like a major incident, people do not understand what the other person is.

"All you senior people from these organisations are allowing yourselves to be taken over by management jargon... You people at the top need to say 'We have to communicate with other people and we communicate with plain English'."

"I am sorry if that sounded like a rant but everybody who has been here for the last few months will know I have been building up to it."

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