Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Surviving a plane crash

Not quite sure why, but the Metro free newspaper published an article on 23 April 2007 by Ed West called "Landing on your feet." I was interested because it shows that training and behaviour can make a difference in many different types of circumstance.

Key points from the article are:

* Knowing the brace position means you are less likely to be injured in the impact and hence more likely to be in a fit state to get out
* Frequent fliers have heard the safety announcements and read the safety card more times; and consequently know what to do in a crash (including simple things like how to undo the seatbelt)
* Count the number of rows from where you are sitting to the emergency exit
* Wear full length cotton clothes and good footwear to give you a good chance of getting out, and it gives some fire protection
* You need to get out within 2 minutes if there is a fire
* Once out, stay at least 150 metres from the the plane

The article finishes by saying Aer Lingus has not lost a passenger since 1970, whilst Ryanair, Monarch, Easyjet and Air Kazakhstan have a 'perfect safety record.'

Andy Brazier

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