Thursday, April 19, 2007

Prescribing Errors

From Medical News Today on 7 April 2007

The GMC (General Medical Council) has announced funding for a £100,000 research project that aims to investigate the prevalence and causes of errors in doctors' prescribing.

Professor Peter Rubin, chair of the GMC's Education Committee said: "Safe prescribing is crucial to patient safety. Claims that there is a link between education, training and poor prescribing are, so far, anecdotal rather than based on robust evidence. The GMC takes a strong interest in these claims, and is committed to finding out more. We are confident that this research will help shed light on the extent to which this problem exists and identify its causes."

All very good, but £100k to examine what everyone knows, and no suggestion of developing solutions seems bizarre to me. This need to have all the supposed facts before doing anything is, in my opinion, why everything takes so long in the NHS. The trouble is during the time this study takes place, many more people will be harmed by the errors.

Andy Brazier

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