Monday, April 27, 2009

Human error likely cause of botched airlift rescue

Article on by Anshel Pfeffe 24 April 2009

A hiker, Ala Aghbariya, wandered into a minefield in Israel near the frontier with Jordan. He set off a mine, was injured and a military rescue helicopter was sent to lift him out. Unfortunately, as the helicopter was climbing he fell to his death.

An internal air force committee found that there was no technical error or malfunction in the equipment used or with the helicopter's operational systems. Rather, it is believed that the rescue crew's misjudgment during the operation was the cause of the accident.

It is a bit difficult to understand the misjudgment in this case. Does it mean a physical judgment, meaning an attachment was not made properly, or that a decision was made not make the attachment?

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