Monday, April 27, 2009

Human error caused fatal accident: officials

Article in the China Post 26 April 2009

Two tourists from China killed in Taipei, Taiwan when an overloaded crane fell and crushed the tour bus taking them to the world's tallest building.

The small crane was operating a mid-sized boom on the 31st floor of a planned MRT transit hub when the boom broke off and fell to the street below.

The crane was hauling a weight of four tons at the time of the accident, above its 3.2-ton capacity. Also, the operators also failed to take into consideration the wind factor.

Labor officials from the city determined it was a case of human error and denied the city government might have failed to oversee the construction site saying many fines had been issued for various violations and saying they had "done all that needed to be done."

Six crane operators have been released on bail after hours of interrogation. Two representatives from two construction companies involved in the construction project were also questioned, but they were later freed without bail.

Andy Brazier

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