Thursday, December 04, 2008

How to influence people at work

Article in the Times by Carly Chynowth on 3 December 2008. Gives 10 points as follows:

1. Build raport - people enjoy doing business with people they like. Take time to ask about family, holidays etc. It smoothes the way, just like WD40;

2. Earn respect - this is better than being liked. Showing you know what you are doing and are a good leader, and able to bring a sense of order and cohesion will earn you respect;

3. Get your message right - clear and concise. When under pressure we tend to add lots of extraneous words (e.g. 'I hope you don't mind');

4. Get things in context - understand and hence avoid the cultural and professional constraints that others are working under and cause barriers to progress;

5. Open your ears - listening to others means you will know what motivates them and hence how best to influence them;

6. Reciprocity matters - doing something helpful to someone means they will want to help back (e.g. a Big Issuer seller sold far more copies when he held the door open for people);

7. Get the timing right - talk to people when they are least likely to be pressured;

8. Give up the glory - let others take the credit and do not get emotionally attached to your ideas;

9. The element of style - the way you look and act has a big influence, but beware of changing to try and suit the circumstances;

10. Don't manipulate - direct people but let them work our the path for themselves.

Andy Brazier

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