Thursday, December 04, 2008

AWG slashes picking errors with Voice

I'm always interested in claims of quantifiable reductions in human error. In this press release BCP, a systems and software house specialising in the retail and wholesale distribution markets, say one of their clients has reduced their 'picking error' by 97.3% saving over £100,000 per year.

The picking they refer to is people taking items from the shelves in a warehouse to fulfill orders. In the past these people were given a written list of items. This has been replaced by an automated voice instruction to headphones via a wireless system. They have to confirm their understanding by repeating the instruction, which is checked using voice recognition.

The following quote regarding user acceptance gives an insight into why this has been successful - "Pickers, initially sceptical, have adapted to Voice quickly, finding it simple to learn and adopt. Assemblers - even those who’ve been with us for years and very settled into the old system - really like the new technology. They’re keen to extend it to other warehouse activities as they’ve found it makes their jobs much easier."

Andy Brazier

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