Monday, May 08, 2006

Communication errors

Two jokes that illustrate how the spoken word can cause problems.

First - you have to say this one out loud. There were twenty sick sheep. One dies. How many are left? People will say 25 because they think you said 26 sheep.

Second - a bit saucy. A man was having problems in the bedroom department. His GP had done various tests and given him tablets, but no good. He had seen a psychiatrist, but they were at a loss of what the problem was. So he went to see a witch doctor. He said he had a solution, but it would only work once per year. To get it up he had to say 1-2-3. To get it down 1-2-3-4. That evening the man jumped into bed with his wife and said 1-2-3. His ask wife asks 'what's the 1-2-3-for?'

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