Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Human error caused Cyprus air crash

Reuters website 10 October 2006.

Crash in August 2005. The plane on a Larnaca-Prague flight flew on autopilot for two hours, its pilots slumped over the controls, before running out of fuel and ramming into a Greek hillside killing all 121 people on board.

The report blamed deficient technical checks on the ground, failure by the pilots to pick up on compression warnings and a series of other mistakes for the Cypriot Helios Airways Boeing 737-300 crash.

The compression system regulates the oxygen supply, which decreased as the aircraft gained altitude and rendered the pilots and passengers unconscious.

BBC webstite added more. Including:

* Pilots misread instruments regulating cabin pressure and misinterpreted a warning signal.
* Maintenance officials on the ground left pressure controls on an incorrect setting.
* Plane's manufacturers Boeing took "ineffective" measures in response to previous pressurisation incidents in the particular type of aircraft.
* Airline came in for criticism for "deficiencies" in its organisation
* The Cypriot regulatory authority was accused of "inadequate execution of its safety oversight responsibilities"

Andy Brazier

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