Thursday, July 13, 2006

Basic ergonomics

Although I am a registered member of the ergonomics society (virtually equivalent to being chartered - but the society does not yet have chartership available) I rarely get involved in what I call 'basic ergonomics.' To me this is the occupational health side, whereas I usually deal with major hazard risks and more interested in human error and system safety.

Found this useful summary of 'eight ergonomic essentials' at

1. Move frequently - "the best position is the next position."
2. Rest frequently.
3. Use proper postures - maintain the spine's natural curve
4. Keep an eye on vision - make sure things are at or just below eye level and in front of you at a comfortable viewing distance
5. Organise things into your reach zone
6. Use the right tool for the task
7. Don't be afraid to ask for help
8. Listen to your sensible self - look at what you are doing and ask if things could be arranged better

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