Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Lateral thinking examples

Final bits from Sloane's book. A few examples.

How to stop people chipping pieces off the Parthenon. Get chips of marble from the same quarry and distribute around the site each morning. People take them thinking they have got a piece of history.

Make the class look clever in front of the inspector. Tell kids to all put their hands up to answer questions. Put left hand up if they know the answer and right hand up if they do not.

How to become a millionaire by buying coconuts for $5 and selling for $3. Start as a billionaire and redistribute wealth in this way to the poor.

Why are items prices at £x 99p? Not to make price seem less. Required clerk to open till to get change so sale was recorded and clerk could not pocket the money.

You are driving in your 2 seater sports car. It isspouringg with rain. You see 3 people at a bus stop. An old friend. The man/woman of your dreams and an old lady whodesperatelyy needs to get to hospital. Which one do you pick up? Give keys to friend and get them to take old lady. Wait with you dream date.

You phone to get train time. You arrive half an hour early, why? On phone told train is 22:10 which you hear as 20 to 10 (i.e. 21:40).

Easy jet do not give free drinks. Make money and need one less toilet so can fit in more seats.

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