Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Ergotron Intros New Sit-Stand Mobile Computer Workstation

Article at TMCnet.com by Brendan B. Read on 25 February 2010

It starts by saying "Ergonomics experts have long known that enabling employees to stand for even part of the time while working is healthier than sitting the entire time. It also improves performance." Also, it quotes research by Dr. Marc Hamilton at the University of Missouri which indicates that "the simple act of standing may have great health benefits for office workers. The sedentary act of sitting all day actually lowers metabolic rate, negatively impacting other bodily systems."

This article is about a workstation that can be used at different heights to allow working whilst seated or stood up. I understand the comments about improving productivity by getting up out of the chair, but not totally convinced that being able to work at a computer stood up is really the answer.

Andy Brazier

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