Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Human Error Now The Big Killer

Article on Strategy Page19 June 2009.

Pilot error is being identified more and more in military aircraft accidents. This is compared to commercial aviation where accident rates have declined 90 percent since World War II, mainly through the introduction of more safety devices and more reliable aircraft.

Apparently Spain has lost four military aircraft to mid-air collisions this year (two Mirage F-1s in January, and two F-18s this month).

In India, the crash of a Su-30 was initially thought to be engine or electronic problems. But the investigation team found that the pilot had inadvertently shut down the automated flight controls, was not aware of it, and believed the aircraft was, for some unknown reason, out of control. The pilot and weapons system operator ejected (the back seat guy was killed when his safety harness broke.)

Andy Brazier

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