Monday, November 12, 2007

LEAN - 5s

LEAN manufacturing has cropped up a few times in various conversations I have had. I must find out more about it sometime. However, one related technique is known as 5s, and I think it has some safety and human factors application.

The 5s's are Japanese words, but it translates quite well:

Seiri - Sort/Tidiness - Throw away all rubbish and unrelated materials in the workplace

Seiton - Simplify/Orderliness - Set everything in proper place for quick retrieval and storage

Seiso - Systematically clean/Cleanliness - Clean the workplace; everyone should be a janitor

Seiketsu - Standardisation - Standardize the way of maintaining cleanliness

Shitsuke - Sustain/Discipline - Practice 'Five S' daily - make it a way of life; this also means 'commitment'

I am sure there are many references to this. Here is one.

Andy Brazier

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