Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The role of consultants

An article in The Times2 on 15 October 2007 by Joe Joseph titles 'Modern morels.'

It asks if you are sitting on a bus or train next to someone doing their homework and you can see them answering a question wrong, should you correct them?

Alexander Pope is quoted as saying "to err is human, to forgive is divine." He did not say "to err is human, but to correct is divine" because no one likes an interfering know-it-all stranger.

There are certain groups of people we pay to criticise others. They include teachers, judges and management consultants. For the latter, bosses pay consultants break uncomfortable news (e.g. restructuring). This leaves the boss free to implement the changes they planned all along and the consultants get the blame. The consultant is not being payed for their corporate insights, but to keep quiet about the Machiavellian subterfuge.

The article finishes by asking whose job is it to criticise outside of work, school etc.? The answer being "spouses."

Andy Brazier

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